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Battery and energy storage value chain

The batteries and energy storage sector represents one of the value chains in which investment can be rewarding with sustainable ambitions.

Li-ions batteries represent the preferred technology of the major battery suppliers. Lithium, cobalt and graphite are the metallic ingredients which participate to build a cleaner future by reducing GHG emissions.  These metals are also part of our analysis universe.

Large investments in that sector aim to develop the batteries supply chain in US and Canada. Increasing the positioning in this value chain would enable investors to benefit of promising performance with sustainable perspectives.

GRAPHITE, market in brief:

Li-Ion batteries costs have fallen by 94% since 1991. Li-ion batteries remain the preferred option for EVs (Electric vehicles) and many Energy Storage applications. The technology is largely restricted by graphite.

Graphite raw material are found mainly as amorphous (60%) or in flakes: (40%).         

Market demand:                 5% growth in last decade

Market supply:                 70% from China                                              

Demand driven by:                 Graphene, Nuclear power (Pebble Bed Reactors), Lithium Ion batteries (Anodes) and Fuel Cells

High Purity Flakes are used for new technologies. Their low supply favors higher price and large flakes are preferred.

Substitution:                      None

Recycling:                           R&D