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Smoke becomes electric!

Last month, the upper house of German parliament  passed a resolution calling European Commission to ensure that only zero emission vehicles will be used on European roads by 2030. The resolution is nonbinding, but we can observe that governments globally seem to like such idea to tackle the emissions targets by imposing rules to the automotive industry. I like the idea of walking in main streets of our cities breathing full lungs! I would almost be tempted to make any sort of comparisons with the tobacco industry. Obviously, smoke becomes electric!

I can also naively observe that such resolution comes after the case of VW and its plans to switch to electric, and after the diversification of the TOTAL group in alternative energies. It was five years ago, when I talked with a manager of the PSA group; he said to me that they were ready for some time with electric vehicles, but they needed a firm political will to develop this market.


Thanks Tesla, Leclanché for their visions and we like to welcome lithium, cobalt and graphite!