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  • US Department of Energy starts to fund REE extraction projects

    A very significant news knowing no rare earth were mined last year in US and imports increased by 6%. Molycorp's Mountain Pass mine was shut down in 2015. According to Argus Media, US governments' Department of Energy will allocate up to $6.95mn for the development of rare earth extraction and separation projects. A first phase of $3million investment will be

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  • Northern Rare Earth has raised its listed prices for praseodymium neodymium

    Northern Rare Earth has raised its listed prices for praseodymium-neodymium and neodymium in June. Northern Rare Earth raised its listed price for 99pc praseodymium-neodymium oxide by 5% to Yn312'000/t for June. Chinese government regulations at preventing trading in illegal material show their impact on metal prices. Should we see here the start of sustainable prices for REE in China? The

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  • ENEL bought a new battery energy storage system

    ENEL has acquired 100% of the shares in Tynemouth Storage System. Tynemouth is currently developing a 25MW facility in Newcastle, England. The energy storage is critical in the expansion of renewable energy as they provide balancing services to feed national grids. According to analysts, 700MW of total installed EFR (enhanced frequency response) storage capacity could be reached by 2020 in

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  • 2017 first batch of rare earth mining quotas

    The Chinese ministry of land and resources released the first batch of rare earth mining quotas for 2017. The total quota is unchanged compared to last year: 52'500 tonnes. The partition of heavy rare earth represents 17% and is unchanged as compared to last year. _________________________________________________________ Rare Earth Elements (REE) The rare earths are not particulary rare, being a family

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  • Glencore is to increase its stake in Trevali, up to 25%

    Glencore and Trevali have entered into an agreement to purchase Glencore stakes in two african zinc assets: Rosah Pinah mine, in Namibia and Perkoa mine in Burkina Faso. The transaction should be funded through $244M in cash and 175 million shares, worth $156M. -->

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