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  • Tahoe Resources hits by the suspension of mining licence

    Tahoe Resources hits by the suspension of mining licence at its Escobal mine. The supreme court issued a temporary licence suspension after nongovernmental and anti-mining organisation Calas filed a claim in May against Guatemala’s Ministry of Energy and Mines. Calas alleged that Tahoe had violated the Xinca indigenous people’s right of consultation in advance of granting the Escobal mining licence

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  • Volvo goes for Electric/hybrid cars solely from 2019!

    Volvo has taken the decision to go for electric/hybrid from 2019! A courageous decision and in some way as visionary as Elon Musk's ambitions. Kodak a leader in argentic photography did not believe in the future of digital camera and we know the consekquences. Technology evolutions self-impose, pushed by some entrepreneurs and supported by customer needs and project financing. Nevertheless

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  • Ghana: 17 disparus après l’effondrement d’une mine d’or illégale

    Ghana : au moins 17 disparus après l’effondrement d’une mine d’or illégale More than 10 years ago I was in Ghana and the problem was the same. The Galamsey have still access to underground mines and we should question who is behind? Such a persistent issue tends to reflect how the mining law is applied and how it has evolved. More

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  • Mountain Pass RE plant in hands of a Sino-American consortium

    US-based former creditors of Molycorp and Shenghe Resources won an auction (June 15, 2017) to buy the rare earth processing and separation facilities at the Mountain Pass mine in California. The acquisition appears as a good bargain with $20.5M. The mineral resources at Mountain Pass are not concerned by the transaction. Following objections, a court in the US state of

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  • US Department of Energy starts to fund REE extraction projects

    A very significant news knowing no rare earth were mined last year in US and imports increased by 6%. Molycorp's Mountain Pass mine was shut down in 2015. According to Argus Media, US governments' Department of Energy will allocate up to $6.95mn for the development of rare earth extraction and separation projects. A first phase of $3million investment will be

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