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The Team

Laurent A. Krull

Laurent Krull is a Senior Geologist, Managing Director and founder of LKConsult. 
Laurent holds a MSc. (Mineralogy and Geophysics) University of Lausanne; and a MPA (postgraduated in Project Management) 





Laurent has accumulated more than 15 years of International experience in exploration and Mineral project analysis,which includes 6 years with Anglo American (gold and base Metals) as Project Manager. In Mali, Laurent, as a Project Manager, was directly involved in the discovery of Sadiola satellite deposits (FE3, FE4, FN, TS). Thanks to a particular exploration strategy, which includes GIS Spatial Analysis and multi-disciplinary approach, the exploration team was successful in targeting mineralisation. Laurent has always been motivated in finding a 'treasury' and his scientific interests were well supported by Anglo American R&D and Roy Corrans (former AngloAmerican Senior Vice President Exploration).

Laurent Krull, is an Engineer Geologist (Msc) graduated from University of Lausanne, he has gained along his career a multi-disciplinary expertise in mineral projects. This expertise is based on a strong scientific background concluded by master thesis (mineralogy and exploration geophysics), which was then consolidated, when working for engineering offices in Switzerland and for the mining industry. These skills were successfully applied for gold and base metals exploration in Africa with Anglo American as Project Manager. When returning in Switzerland, Laurent Krull has gained additional experience and knowledge in project management (postgraduate).



Dr. Guy Della Valle

Guy is a Senior Geologist and LKC Technical Partner
PhD Geology-Mineralogy (University of Lausanne)
APGO (Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario) Member












Dr. Guy Della Valle is a LKC-Partner. He is a Consuting Geologist since many years. Among many companies, Guy provided consultancy for Anglo American Ltd, Angus and Ross Ltd, Cominco Ltd, Corona Corporation and BRGM, Platinova Ltd,Tertiary Gold Ltd, Highwood Resources Ltd, SouthernEra Ltd, Sparton Resources Ltd, Alu Swiss Mine, North Viking Ltd, Avannaa Resources, Hudson Resources,..

Guy has accumulated a high level of geological expertise worldwide (all continents). More than 30 years of experience with numbers of exploration and mining companies as Project Geologist, Project Manager and Consulting Geologist. Guy has an extensive knowledge in recognizing prospective geology in many different metallogenic environments. All along his career, Guy has investigated gold, diamonds, PGM's anomalies, as well as Cu-Au-Fe oxide, Pb-Zn, REE. Among mineralisation discoveries, Guy was instrumental in the discovery of the SEDEX Pb-Zn deposit in Citronen fjord (Peary Land North Greenland). Guy has the exceptional ability to conduct exploration to the critical stage, when you are able to assess the economic potential of a deposit. This makes Guy a 'Finder'. In exploration very few people can be categorized as a Finder, but Guy is one of them, because his experience and his curiosity have always been pushed by a strong desire to find the treasury without loosing the sense of investment return.



 Dalvina Gallardo 

Geologist  Freelance , based in Philippines

MSc in Earth Sciences (University of Geneva)