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Ethic Ore Investments and Advisory

ETHORE promotes and advises responsible investments in mining and mineral exploration.

With over 20 years of experience in mineral exploration and advisory, ETHORE pursues its objectives with a special commitment regarding ethics and risks' assessment.

ETHORE is a company providing investors with a useful Geological Expertise since 2003.


We have a strong focus for rare earth elements, precious metals, industrial metals and rare metals. We think that the industry is shifting towards the manufacturing of new and competitive materials to respond to green tech, energy savings, and miniaturization.

Education and Seminar

We are available for presentation of specific topics about mineral exploration and mineral project life cycle.

We are always keen to serve the curiosity of journalists. Laurent Krull has intervened repeatedly in the press and broadcasting through articles or interviews.

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Field Visit

We answer to specific requests of our clients or fund managers; we have assessed several projects and mineralized indices worldwide.

Any field visit is very informative in terms of permitting, available skills on site, logistics, community relationships, with local communities etc...

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Stock's Selectivity

  • Independent Analysis
  • Confidentiality
  • Ethics




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